How To Be An Impressive Interviewee

How To Be An Impressive Interviewee: The Dos and Don’ts
Being called for an interview indicates that you gave your prospective employer a good first impression of you from your cover letter and your resume. So live this chance to the fullest! Put in all the effort you need to prepare and ace for your interview.

Let me help you a little. Yes, you who are in all probability having a nerve wrecking wait till your interview day. I attempted to do some research on the various aspects of a job interview you need to know. And I got quite a fair bit of insights that can serve as guidelines on acing your job interview.

Let us take a peek on the dos and don’ts when being interviewed.

1. Do a comprehensive research on your prospective organisation. Anyway it would be an advantage for you to get useful information on the organisation so that when a customer walks up to you to find out more about the organisation and what it is dealing with, you would not hesitate to answer. But the information is most accommodating during your interview. You would also want to ask yourself why you wish to work in the organisation.

2. Prepare the answers to the possible questions that your employer may ask you during the interview. I shall touch on the common interview questions asked later on ok?

3. Prepare a question or two that you would like to raise during the interview. Make sure that the questions asked are relevant to the applied job position and show that you are serious about taking up the job.

4. Dress for success. You do not have to look too extravagant. Keep it simple, but dress in such a way that the employer can envision you as a committed and productive worker. Remember, first impression counts and it only comes once.

5. Do research on the location of the company to ensure that you will reach the place in time for the interview. You would not want to be late as that could actually sum up the employer’s first impression of you. The best suggestion would be to arrive at the place a few minutes earlier in order for you to take some breather before you enter ‘The Room’.

6. Do not question on the remuneration, employee benefits and bonuses when you meet your employer for the first time.

7.Avoid saying that you are unsure of the answer to the question or ask the employer to refer to your CV for information. Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of you being interviewed? At the same time, do not portray the ‘know-it-all’ attitude. Just be yourself and say the things you are sure of.

8. When being interviewed, keep an eye contact with the interviewer. Do not ever look down on the floor or on your trembling hands as that indicates your nervousness. You ought to appear confident!

9. Promote yourself. You can share instances where you contributed to your previous workplace in a positive way.

10. Do not look too desperate. Should you fail to be offered the job for the first time, you should still appear contented in front of the interviewer that you were given the chance to be assessed. Tell yourself that… probably the grass is always greener on the other side! =)

Ok as promised, here are the common interview questions asked. So here goes…

Why do you choose to take up this job?

Why do you intend to leave your present job?

Why would you like to work for this company?

What do you see yourself doing five/ten years from now?

What have you learnt about our company?

What are your strengths/weaknesses? Tell me about yourself.

What causes a threshold of pain to you?

(This was a question my interviewer used to ask me. It is probably relevant for certain job positions. So do take note!)

How can you contribute to this company?

What have you learnt from your previous job?

Yes here they are. Hope that would turn you into a more confident interviewee. To anybody who has an interview to attend to soon, you may want to read this article to help you out yeah? Til then, good luck! Hope this article is helpful to you.

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