A Great Way To Surf And Earn

Are u a frequent internet surfer? Do you love to surf and seek for information on the internet or even shop on the internet.
Living in the era of IT world, who would'nt right? Having a personal (ISP) Internet Service Provider at home comes with a price. And thats not all, how about the electricity bills, etc. I am about to introduce you to a programme which will help you overcome all these financial problems. Well, not all but at least, it does help.
This FREE programme is led by the founders who have been in different internet businesses for years.They developed the program to reward loyal users. The home office is located in Orange County, California in the USA. They make money from multiple forms of advertising and decided to share that with us. Instead of purchasing advertising, they pay their members to become loyal users.

Availabilty: The program is open to residents of all countries. However, their services, including their search engine, currently work best for the USA and primarily focuses on USA results.

Their Reasons: Advertising to get new users costs a lot of money so they primarily pay you so you use them, plus they'd rather give the money to you than gamble it on advertising. Also, they think that the huge profits made on the internet should be shared with the users that are helping make that happen. Lastly, they help us make money so they can create more jobs and donate to charities.

Charity Notes

They strongly believe in philanthropy and donate a percentage of their income every month to various charities. This does not come out of your earnings, they donate after we they paid all of our members. The charities they donate to and the percentage changes every month so they do not publish a list. If you have a specific charity that you would like to see us donate to, just email us and thet will consider it. They do not have any kind of voting system at this time. If you want the money you earn to be donated, they have decided to pay you and let you handle that on your own. There may be tax benefits, etc. so you should do this on your own.

Last words

Either you can help yourself or to the charity while you are surfing by participating their programme. Earn yourself some spare cash while when you are on the internet. All you need to do is surf normally.

Click here to participate the programme with no costs at all.

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