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Experience Magic Like Never Before...With HTC Magic!

Everybody, get set as you are about to experience a whole new era of digital age that will let you take control of your life. Get ready for a ground-breaking gadget that will take your breath away within seconds!

Introducing the latest in HTC Android™ phones - the all-new HTC Magic!

HTC Magic gives you every second of opportunity to create your own rules and determine the lifestyle you are eyeing for! How is that so?

It is designed specially to suit your way of life, from the way you want to build a circle of friends and organize your messages, to the way you wish to be pampered and entertained.

The first mobile phone I had purchased was designed with applications that limited users to keeping in touch with contacts via phone calls and SMS, and although the Phonebook component was made available to keep a record of the contacts, the appropriate functions for proper searching and organizing of contacts were lacking.

But with HTC Magic, you can decide how you want to stay in touch with your dearest ones, buddies and other important contacts. And it is all thanks to the Smart Dialer, which gives you the choice of whether you want to press the numbers or the first few letters of the contact you intend to call. There is also the integrated versatile keyboard which contains the predictive text component that will speed up your typing and get your messages sent in no time at all. You can even take your pick on how you want your text messages to be typed out!

I have always been looking for a portable gadget that can keep me updated on the latest news wherever I am and whatever I am doing, especially when it concerns issues that matter to me. Previously, I would have to await text messages or calls from my contacts in order to get those latest updates.

Now getting updates would be much easier with the existence of this slick and stylish phone! And it is all possible without having to wait for someone to inform you.

The Wi-Fi technology has been built in with a 3.5GB network connection that will facilitate easier and faster access to the Internet, together with the HTC Magic’s Browser that allows you to open several windows, so that you can view all the updates you need to know all at the same time and at your own pace. Imagine being able to go to Google while you are on your way to work or on your way home, without having to wait till you reach your destination!

Certain updates are best disseminated via email. With my old mobile phone, I could only rely on the SMS function to receive them, and some of them were apparently too lengthy and took up the small storage space. As a result, some of the important messages had to be deleted so that new ones could be received.

But HTC Magic can definitely solve the problem!

It allows you to establish your account, and provides much greater storage space as there are numerous mail inboxes available for you to sort out your messages. The Microsoft Exchange server synchronization function is also provided for the purpose of sending and receiving emails, keeping track of dates, and organizing and updating your contact list. You will never be too late when important information comes your way, whether personal or business!

And if you think that is astonishing enough....there is actually still a lot more to look forward to!

HTC Magic also gives you the chance to ‘live your life to the fullest’ and that aspect surely sets it apart from my first mobile phone. You can shop till you drop, make friends like never before, and simply have loads of fun! Take your pick from a selection of applications and games and download them from the Android Market™. The Android Market™ also includes the Barcode Scanner™, an application that scans and uncovers all the factual details that could be very important for you to know!

Who can resist all those exciting and fascinating applications offered by the one and only HTC Magic? It is affirmatively worth buying!

Start being your own boss.

Discover Magic with HTC Magic!

-Nafa Danfad

Earth Hour 2009: Vote Earth!

The question of the day from all of us to all of you...

Are you going to switch off your lights or let the lights remain switched on?

It’s your choice. But here is a little something we would like to put across to you. If you have chosen to leave your lights on, you belong to the category of supporters of global warming. But if you have chosen to switch off your lights, you have actually made a wise decision to vote EARTH!

The wait is finally over! Today, the whole world will be coming together to experience a global phenomenon like never before! Supporters and voters of our planet Earth from all walks of life will be turning off their lights for one very special hour, known as Earth Hour 2009, which will take place from 8.30pm to 9.30pm.

Earth Hour was first started in Sydney, Australia in 2007, and in 2008, up to 50 million people from across the globe took part by switching off their lights. This year, WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) is aiming to reach a target of one billion voters of Earth from all over the world for this coming event.

Henceforth, the NAFA team would like to urge all our fellow families and friends, and all of our readers and supporters, wherever you are, to come and join us in this global pursuit to save our Earth.

How do you vote Earth? Simply by switching off your lights between the times stated above! It is too simple an act to forego, and all it takes is just one hour off your time.

So be an individual who wants to make our Earth safe and protected from global warming. Sign up now to show your support for this very eventful moment of our lives.

Remember, we only have one planet Earth, so take good care of her. Vote Earth today, and everyday of your life.

-Nafa Danfad

Directnic: An Opportunity To Own An Australian Domain

Longing to be an owner of a domain? Still in search for a domain registry that can promise you an unforgettable web hosting experience at affordable prices?

Guess what? Your search is over because something is about to come your way right about now!

Introducing Australia’s very own Directnic.

Directnic is a wholly attributed and trustworthy virtual domain registry in Australia. Whether you want a ‘.com’, ‘’, ‘.net’ or ‘’ domain, it is the choice that will leave you with no regrets at all.

In here, you will discover high-quality domain registration and web hosting services, and a range of Australian-based domain names valued at attractively low prices. There are free perks to look out for as well, such as the user-friendly control panel, email forwarding, domain name parking, membership, and even renewal services. On top of that, Directnic will ensure that your domain is shielded from spam every single minute of the day!

Directnic web hosting comes in an assortment of packages, including the Platinum package that offers the greatest amount of storage space, data transmitting and email accounts.

In addition to that, end-users can also be guaranteed round-the-clock customer service support. You can be assured that assistance will always be on the way whenever you need one, wherever you go and whatever time of the day it is!

With all that Directnic has in stores for you, how can you resist from getting a domain name in here?

An opportunity to be the boss of your own website awaits you, so come and get it right now! Sign up as a member and get your account for free. Register for at least two years and sign up for more than one domain name, and you will be entitled attractive discounts.

Are you up for it? Then hurry and be part of the unique domain and web hosting experience, only with Directnic!

-Nafa Danfad